- lyrics and painting by myshel -
vortex flower







winter queen

luminous crush

saints are bleeding

songs of innocence

lyrics and painting by myshel prasad

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i am what i say i am- am i spitting in the wind? are you what you say you are? you are like a falling star-

every little lie you tell decorates the gates of hell- every truth you understand becomes a sword in angel's hands-

i don't want you to tell my story- i don't want you to dim my glory- i don't need you to own it for me- THIS ONE IS MINE- what you see is the measure of you- you're looking at a picture of me you drew- cinematic magic venue in yr mind- SHADOW SHADOW here i go so far away- out of your sight- i wanna be just like the snow and melt away in the sunlight-

i am gruesome- i am pure- i am too much to endure- i am flying without strings- i'm too much of everything-

i am not afraid of shadows fear is the dust of broken arrows- my desires are the wings of crows against a white sky- wasn't put on this earth to please you- run away if i fucking scare you- i don't bow to the gods you bow to i'd rather die


wrapped in the web of skin and bone golden lotus flowers blooming in my veins
particles of light exploding spiralling my mind away at lightening speed























Saints are Bleeding

i am completely with out defenses - these bones will stain and curl like lace - I sing to the sound of the rattle of cages - summoning the angels of escape

someone wake me from this dream . . . someone . . . see me sinking . . . here i am here i am calling out . . . someone hear me . . . save me . . .

my saints are bleeding my gods are callous - these tangled prayers will plummet wingless

here i am





















luminous crush

I've seen an angel loose its wings in flight before * I'll turn your cages into swinging open doors * I'll be the silver ribbon lining every cloud * but simple truths are what you never have allowed * I've waited for you from my castle on the moon * I thought I'd give my apprehensions all to you * while I was freezing in that luminary burn * I walked the empty corridors behind your words * it seems like I just wasn't meant to follow though * and all the ways I love are not of any use * I try to give my mind and heart and soul away * but you don't under stand a single word I say





















Winter Queen

dangle from a velvet sun you are stone . . . revel in an outlaw skin to be alone . . .
in my room a tender bloom of smoke appears . . . diamonds in a sea of sin for you my dear . . .
stealing treasure from the deep our mission is complete . . . snows of lust and opal dust circle and sing . . .
I have seen the WINTER QUEEN transform everything . . . phoenix feathers floating down and turning into crowns . . .




























the extradition of a soul across the lines of public view - I wanna free you from the chains of imagistic servitude - I'll cut you open and let it all go into the wilderness that no one can own - you are at one with it you no that its all within you - all the all is always always coming though - close your eyes the colors fly and come alive in you - there is a curtain made of fear and dazzle dripping with fools gold - it hides the luminous designs and the desires of your soul (and it says) don't you ever come right out and show your self to anyone you keep your head down now - you wanna run but now you know that it is all within you - its all a trick done with mirrors - the emperors castle is glitter and glass. a single stones throw will bring it down - do you feel alive now





























your tender fingers are locked around my throat the memory of your kiss is the only breath I know I'm torn and tired and murdered I'm crumbling into dust I'm crimson saffron embers I'm eaten up by rust your love has caught me darling you've trapped me in your web you've tied my hands with silken cords and tangled up my head you took away the roses but the thorns are what I miss my heart is pumping desert sand and you are my oasis




























Songs of Innocence

Storming of red leaves. . . Falling from birch trees . . . Hands up against the glass . . . Curtains of snow flakes . . . The truth is in the taste . . . Cracks in the china past . . . You don't seem to wander away . . . you don't seem to lie . . . And while I am breaking in peices before you . . . You don't seem to mind . . . Closer than star light colder than old lies . . . Oceans for miles around . . . Room without windows . . . Rain falls in circles . . . Memories lodged in sound

























you always bring me up - you always shoot me down - you fill my cup with rage until i'm laughing as i drown - dizzy in a mad parade - my hungry words to you come marching stiff and buttoned up frostbitten little truths - i only want to be with you - just tell me what to do - i'll find a way to make it though - i'll get inside of you - i'll cut the anchor to this world - we'll fly over the sea say you'll come with me - i'm only seeing ghosts - there's nothing here to hold - inside these shadowed houses made of kerosene and gold - like a bird against a window - fast into you i fly - your surface is as hard as stone but i keep seeing sky





























falling from the sky a feathered arrow golden sun ray * sliding through my hands and through my fingers like a razor * no apologies for burning fire is its own reason * core exploding killing giving blind ebullient star * coursing through my veins atomic echoing devotions * glaciers crossing over leaving scars and bones behind them * i want to hear you sing don't want a father * i was beneath the wave i took the wave home * mysteries of genesis still molten at the center * i have a rage inside me turning stone to water * your feet are hollow clay your eyes are golden circles * yellow hand prints on the boat is burning on the river

trembling with their own bright power men crawl the sunlit desert testing their newest weapons deep in the cold water dark a glacier groans . . . a flock of birds turn into stones and fall like rain into the ocean . . .




























you wanna fly beyond the anger . . . you wanna say it's over now . . . you wanna give away the aching . . . you wanna feel it braking down . . .

no signs of slow down it's never ending and i'm opened laying by your side . . .

you are of gold you are of silver . . . i see you and i disappear . . . i wanna live above the tree line and breath the blazing atmosphere . . .

all i know is fallen in you . . . with in your grace i am electric . . . i step into the air and glide . . . dissolving in these dizzy blue fields... i press my hands against the sky...