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The Intergalactic Torch Song

  1: Mars
  2: Marriage
  3: Ouroboros Omphalos
  4: Absinthe
  5: In Ribbons
  6: Original Sin
  7: Dissolution of the Order of the Star
  8: Ice Age
  9: RS2HB
10: Utopia
11: Pelican

Space Team Electra went in to the Alpha/Omega studio in San Rafael, CA in May of 1998 to begin what would become a four year long production collaboration between Space Team's singer/writer/guitarist Myshel Prasad and Sandy Pearlman. Pearlman is best known for his work as a founder and writer/producer of The Blue Oyster Cult., but he has produced The Clash, and the Dictators, and managed Black Sabbath, and recently wrote the liner-notes to the re-release of Patti Smith's "Horses," among other things!  Prasad who recently played with the Glenn Branca guitorchestra, "Symphony #13, "Hallucination City," for 100 Guitars,"at LA's Disney Hall, also co-produced Space Team's first release, "The Vortex Flower" with Chicago producer Keith Cleversely, studied with acting teachers Uta Hagen and Anthony Meindl (, and poets Allen Ginsberg, Anne Waldeman, and Amiri Baraka.  She has performed widely as a spoken word artist, including a mainstage performance with Lollapalooza, The Nuyorican in NYC, and at The Globe in Prague. Together Pearlman and Prasad formed an explosive production partnership and "Intergalactic" is the stunning result. Engineered by Bernd Burgdorf, Marc Senesac, Rob Beaton, and Justin Lieberman.  Asst Engineer Noah Rabinowitz.  Mixed by Rob Beaton and Marc Senesac.  Mastered by Marc Senesac and Paul Stubblebine.

Space Apple Deluxe

1: Improvisation #1
2: What's That Wall Song?
3: Never Never Land [lyrics]
4: Glitter Galaxy [lyrics]
5: Spherically Shaped And Orange Colored Fruit
6: Possum [lyrics]
7: A Little Help From My Drunk Friends
8: Improvisation #2 (Where The Sun Fell Through)
9: Scurry (For Moondog) [lyrics]

Vortex Flower

  1: Transmission
  2: Shadow
  3: Saints Are Bleeding
  4: Luminous Crush [lyrics]
  5: Winter Queen
  6: Lucifers Tounge
  7: Dazzle
  8: Oasis [lyrics]
  9: Songs of Innocence
10: Dizzy
11: Helios
12: Isabel

STE Unreleased

1: Amnesia [mp3]

STE Outtakes

1: Invitation [mp3]
2: Neptune
3: Sparrow
4: Scorpio

STE Rehursals & Whatnots

1: Hate My Life [mp3]
2: Paint it Black [mp3]
3: Space Jam [mp3]
4: Greg's Song W/Dive [mp3]